Dr. Jackson Zimmerman

Associate Professor of Social Studies
Chair, Intercultural Studies Program


Ext. 252

Dr. Zimmerman came to DWC in 2010 after teaching in the Geography and Women’s and Gender Studies Programs at the University of Wisconsin in Platteville. Prior to that, he was a member of the Geography Department faculty at San Jose State University. Before his teaching stint at SJSU, he was a shipboard Expedition Leader for National Geographic, leading excursions primarily in Mexico, Canada, Alaska and the United States Pacific Northwest. Dr. Zimmerman devotes most of his professional energy to teaching, advising and working to strengthen the Intercultural Studies program and the overall environment of interculturality at the college.
B.A. - University of Massachusetts, (Anthropology)
A.S. - Cabrillo College, (Horticulture)
M.A. - University of Vermont, (Geography)
Ph.D. - University of Washington (Geography)
  Teaching Interests at Divine Word:
Cultural Anthropology, Culture Area Studies, Human Geography, Women and Gender Across Cultures, Environment and Society (I & II), Current Affairs
  Research Interests:
My current areas of research interest include studies at the intersection of food systems, social justice and environmental sustainability, and the pedagogy of intercultural skills.

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  Professional Affiliations:
American Anthropological Association
Association of American Geographers
Basic Spanish

  Intercultural Experience:
In addition to his experiences teaching and learning in diverse classrooms and residential settings, and close interactions with various indigenous/ethnic groups while working for National Geographic, I have spent extended periods of time traveling in several SE Asian countries, Israel, Latin America and Europe.