Computer Lab

Divine Word this is a test has a computer lab open for student use 24 hours daily. The lab features 23 PCs using Microsoft Vista and Office 2007. A scanner is available enabling students to upload pictures for work and recreation. During the evening hours, the students are able to communicate with family and friends via Web Cam. The lab is equipped with two laser printers; one color and one duplex black and white. The computer lab is one of six multimedia classrooms available for teaching. There are also two mobile carts with computers, projection equipment as well as DVD/VHS capability. Wireless access is available throughout the college with a majority of the students having their own laptops. The IT staff is available to help the students with their personal computing issues as well as answering any technical questions on software.



The English as a Second Language Institute at Divine Word College has its own computer lab for student use equipped with 10 computers and loaded with language software. The lab is open 24/7, with a student assistant available during the evenings.


The college's Internet connection continues to expand as the needs of the student body demands. We currently have gigabyte connections to the desktop on all lab machines and have increased network throughput 10 fold in the last three years alone. Internet bandwidth has increased 400% in the last two years. Divine Word is dedicated to providing students with the tools they need to complete their education.



Experienced and successful students serve as peer tutors eager to help you with your assignments in English, writing, math, and philosophy. They can't correct your papers or do your homework for you. But these tutors can answer questions to help you understand reading, writing, and math assignments, explain processes, review terms and concepts, develop and present your ideas effectively, and point out areas for improvement. We're always on the lookout for committed and dynamic tutors, so if you think you qualify, let us know on your visit to campus.