Fr. Quy Ngoc Dang, SVD

Vocation Director, Eastern Region

Fr. Quy Ngoc Dang, SVD, was born in the small city of Gia Kiem, in the province of Dong Nai, Vietnam. When he was 16, he left Vietnam with his parents and six brothers as part of the Orderly Departure Program instituted in 1979. After a year in a Philippine refugee camp, his family settled in Berwyn, Pennsylvania in 1991.
When he finished high school, Fr. Quy felt a call to religious life. “I decided to devote my life to proclaiming the Word of God and serving the poor, needy and marginalized,” he says. After talking with his parish pastor, Fr. Quy visited a Catholic seminary. “I didn’t feel that it was the right choice for me,” he recalls, “so I decided not to join.” One day he read an article about the Society of the Divine Word in a Vietnamese magazine. “I called the Vocation Office and arranged to come and visit Divine Word College. I fell in love with the place and the people.” By the fall of 1994, he was enrolled as a student at DWC.
After graduation in 2000, Fr. Quy continued with his seminary studies. He also spent three years in Mozambique for his Cross-Cultural Training Program. While there, he ministered to youth groups, held Bible studies and worked with parishioners. He was ordained on May 23, 2009, at Techny, Illinois.
His role as Vocation Director is Fr. Quy’s first assignment. “I will be a free-lancer,” he explains, “going all over the country and learning the ropes, instead of being responsible for one particular area.” Though he is a little nervous about his new ministry, he is optimistic. “I look forward to talking and working with those who are interested in a vocation to the religious life.”
What will Fr. Quy tell a person who is contemplating God’s call?
“The road will be filled with rewards, blessings and challenges,” he says. “It will be a life modeled after Jesus, who traveled from town to town, sharing the scriptures and ministering to others.” At his ordination, Fr. Quy chose the words from the Gospel of St. John 6:68: “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.”
And like St. Peter, who spoke these words to Jesus, Fr. Quy has also chosen the Divine Word as his own path to eternal life – sharing the Word, serving others and guiding those who feel called to missionary service.