Our Come and See Campus Visits are intended for young men who are seriously considering the priesthood or Brotherhood and would like to learn more about the Divine Word Missionaries. Are you a high school student considering a college seminary? Are you a college student who is thinking about transferring to a college seminary? Or are you a college graduate who is exploring the option of missionary work as a priest or Brother and will need to complete prerequisites in philosophy and theology? If you fit any of these categories, we welcome you for a visit to Divine Word College Seminary.


If you are considering a seminary formation program, our Come and See Campus Visits are an opportunity to visit Divine Word College Seminary, the college level formation program for the Divine Word Missionaries. You will experience a day in the life of a seminarian. Your schedule will balance time for prayer, liturgy, class participation and personal interaction with our seminarians, faculty and religious priests and Brothers. You will meet with our Financial Aid Officer, our Academic Dean and/or our Registrar to help with any questions you may have. Other highlights of your visit include meeting with some of our Divine Word Missionaries and an interview with one of our vocation directors. There will also be time for you to relax and have some fun!


Come and See Campus Visits are scheduled with our vocation directors to accommodate both your needs and the college schedule. Your visit to Divine Word College can be on an individual basis, or you may join a small group of up to five prospective seminarians. We want your visit to be personal, with one-on-one interaction and time for questions.


If you’d like to attend a Come and See Campus Visit at Divine Word College, your first step is to speak to a Divine Word College Vocation Director. Call our office at 800-553-3321 to set up an appointment to visit with one of our regional vocation directors, or visit our website at: www.svdvocations.org to send an email to one of the vocation directors listed.


Most of your Come and See Campus Visit will be informal, so bring comfortable clothing like jeans and casual shirts. In case of cold weather, pack a warm sweater and jacket. For attendance at liturgy, bring some appropriate dress clothes, but a suit or sport coat is not required. We offer an indoor pool, gymnasium and weight room for your use, so don’t forget your swim trunks, gym clothes and athletic shoes.

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