Sr. Nu Ngoc Nguyen, LHC

While on Spring Break earlier this year visiting a relative in Houston, Texas,   Sr. Nu Nguyen, LHC had a revelation. Though she had a great time, she found that she missed her “family” at Divine Word College.
 “It’s become my second home,” she said. “After being here for eight months, it feels like home.” Born 29 years ago in Saigon, Vietnam, Sr. Nu had been a missionary in her homeland for more than a decade before proclaiming her final vows last year. She came to DWC in the fall and will spend the next five to six years here before returning to her native country to continue her missionary work. To her, the members of the DWC community have become more than friends. They are family.

“I feel that here, I can talk to anyone when I have a problem,” she said.
 Sr. Nu tries to broaden her educational experience by being more than a student. Instead of simply focusing on a routine—get up in the morning, go to class, do homework, eat, go back to her room and sleep—she wants to learn from the people around her.  “I try to get knowledge and know about the person beside me when we are talking and when we are discussing what we are studying,” she said. “I learn from them. I can understand them a little bit. I try to do that, try to understand other people.”  

Her workload this semester included classes in Ethics, Old Testament, Elements of Art, Elements of Music and English as a Second Language (ESL). She said that she finds all of them helpful, especially the Ethics class, taught by Dr. Joe Hartel, Associate Professor of Philosophy. But at first she was frustrated. Because of her limited English, she had a hard time keeping up as she tried to understand his every word.  

“At the beginning I felt that he make me feel dizzy. I cannot understand all of what he says in class, even the book that I read. I want to give up,” she said. “But later on, with (Assistant Professor of ESL) Larry Udry’s help, I catch up in class and now I feel the class will be helpful for me, especially for my future mission.” 

This is an example of the sense of family that Sr. Nu feels at Divine Word. She had a problem and a member of her DWC family helped her find a solution.