Fr. Quang Duc Dinh, SVD

Associate Program Director

“As I reflect back on my vocation journey,” says Fr. Quang Duc Dinh, “I have experienced God’s presence and guidance at every step of my life.” Born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam, he escaped to a refugee camp in Thailand in 1979, where he stayed for six months. He finally arrived in the United States in February of 1980.

“When I first came to the USA as a refugee, I was like a child who had tried his best to respond to God’s call,” says Fr. Quang. Having been a seminarian in Vietnam, he wanted to return to the seminary after his arrival in America. “I had no idea of how to do this because everything was so new to me and I had no connections,” he says.

One day, through a Vietnamese priest, Fr. Quang received a letter from the SVD vocation office at Divine Word College. “I believe this happened out of God’s providence,” he says. After some correspondence, he was accepted and came to DWC in January of 1981.

He feels that his years of formation at Divine Word College helped him to learn more about the SVDs, their mission and charism, as well as their international characteristics. “Those years opened my eyes to see the beauty and values in cross-cultural experiences and the need to bring the Good News to all peoples. I came to love the SVDs and wanted to become one of them,” Fr. Quang adds.

After graduating from DWC in 1986, he went on to the novitiate at Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. He was ordained at Techny, Illinois on March 28, 1992. Fr. Quang believes that “God has led me to where I’m at today, and to who I am now. Thus, my experience with God is: Do your best – God does the rest.”