Affordable Education Affordable Education
A recent study found Divine Word College #1 in afforadability

What is World Mission Sunday? What is World Mission Sunday?
Each year, we celebrate Mission Sunday in a big way; with a multi-lingual liturgy and international food-fest.

Join us on Sunday, October 18 for liturgy at 1 PM followed by the international food-fest at 3 PM. Admisison is a free-will offering.

In the meantime, Fr. Jim Bergin, SVD explains what World Mission Sunday is all about.

2015 Donaghey Award 2015 Donaghey Award
Paula and Terry Friedman honored for their consistant friendship.

Newly professed Newly professed
Five of the seven newest SVD are alum of DWC! Meet them here.

Graduation for the history books Graduation for the history books
The Class of 2015 have found thier way into the history of Divine Word College

Notable presentations - Graduation 2015 Notable presentations - Graduation 2015
Zachary Smith, Fr. Mark Weber, SVD and Fr. Mike Hutchins, SVD, delivered memorable speeches during graduation activities May 15 & 16. Experience them for yourself!

Come Join the Club! Come Join the Club!
Open your home to a new world view! Become a student host family