Board approves promotion in rank

Fr. Ken Anich, SVD and Ms. Dona Schlesier granted change in rank
At their meeting of May 1, the Divine Word College Board of Trustees approved a recommendation for promotion in rank for Fr. Ken Anich, SVD, from Associate Professor to Professor.* 
At the same meeting, the Board granted the title of “Professor Emerita” to Ms.
 Fr. Ken Anich, SVD
 Ms Donna Schlesier
Dona Schlesier, long-time DWC faculty member and art instructor. 
Anich has been a member of the DWC community since 1993 serving in an instructional role as well as the Vice President for Academic Affairs from 1993 --2003. He continues to teach today as well as play an important role in the formation program.
Ms. Schlesier retired from teaching in 2008 after 27 years of service to DWC.
Ms. Schlesier sought this title primarily so that she could continue to represent her affiliation with Divine Word College in a popular art textbook which she co-authored some years ago.  The textbook will soon be in its fourth edition, a sign of its enduring value and popularity.
* The rank of Professor is traditionally the highest academic rank within the academy.  It is awarded to a faculty member who teaches and serves with high distinction.