Historical class of 2015

Members of the Class of 2015 have taken their place in the history of DWC.

The timing couldn’t have been better.

As Divine Word College wraps up the final events commemorating its 50th Anniversary, on May 15 it will graduate one of the largest classes in its 50 year history. In fact, it is the largest class in 45 years.
“This certainly wasn’t planned, it just worked out that way,” said Fr. Tim Lenchak, SVD, president of Divine Word. “What a wonderful way to compliment the events that have been featured all academic year celebrating our 50th anniversary.”

The largest class in school history was the Class of 1969, with 41 graduates. The second highest was the Class of 1967, with 32.
The largest graduating class in DWC history - the Class of ‘69. The young man near the center of the photo, to the left of the one in a light shirt, is our own Fr. Ken Anich!

The Class of 2015 will have 27 graduates, including seminarian Luis Carmona, president of the DWC Student Senate.

“Seeing so many people graduating, especially during the anniversary of the school, I feel happy to be part of this graduating class,” he said.

The class is made up of students from six different countries, and includes fourteen religious sisters and two lay students. Seven of the young men have applied to the SVD novitiate at Techny, Ill. Carmona is one of those who will continue to discern their path to religious life as a Divine Word Missionary.

“My last year is kind of sad, but I am also looking forward to seeing what’s next for me,” Carmona said. “I’ve grown and this place has shaped me in a good sense, in terms of being able to communicate better and being more open to people, being more pastoral overall.”

Commencement ceremonies took place on Friday, May 15, followed by a banquet. The Mass of Thanksgiving was held Saturday, May 16, followed by a school picnic.