Dr. Joe Hartel

Dr. Joe Hartel

Associate Professor of Philosophy

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Dr. Hartel began teaching philosophy at Notre Dame International High School in Rome, Italy in 1984. In 1985 he moved back to the United States and began teaching philosophy at Xavier University in New Orleans, Louisiana. From 1986 to May of 1991, he taught philosophy at Loyola University of New Orleans. Finally, in August of 1991, he moved to Dubuque, Iowa and began teaching philosophy at Divine Word College in Epworth, Iowa.

For many years Dr. Hartel’s interest has been in Thomistic philosophy as understood by Jacques Maritain, Etienne Gilson, and W. Norris Clarke, S.J. Although this interest continues, after an intense study of the work of French philosopher Pierre Hadot, Dr. Hartel understood that there was a deeper level of Ancient Western philosophy that he had missed. This level consisted of spiritual exercises practiced by each philosophical school to both form and transform their students. This realization, together with teaching Asian philosophy at DWC, led Dr. Hartel to develop his present interest in Eastern philosophy where spiritual exercises are still practiced.


B.A – Lewis University, Lockport, Illinois (Liberal Arts)
M.A. – Marquette University (Philosophy)
Ph. L. – Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome, Italy (Philosophy)
Ph.D. – Pontifical Gregorian University , Rome Italy (Philosophy)

Courses Taught

Introduction to Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, Medieval Philosophy, Modern Philosophy, Nineteenth Century Philosophy, Existentialism, Asian Philosophy, Yoga Philosophy, Metaphysics, Philosophy of God, Logic, and Philosophical Counseling.

Research Interests

Ayurveda as a Healing, Medical System

Philosophical Counseling

Yoga Anatomy, Yoga Philosophy, and Yoga Therapy

Yoga in Greek and Roman Philosophical Schools

The Bhagavad Gita as a way of life.

Self-Knowledge in Vedanta Philosophy


Femina Ut Imago Dei: In the Integral Feminism of St. Thomas Aquinas, Pontifical Gregorian University Press, 1991
“The Integral Feminism of St. Thomas Aquinas”, Gregorianum, Vol. 77/3, 1996

Professional Affiliations

American Philosophical Association
American Philosophical Practitioners Association
National Philosophical Counseling Association
Integral Yoga Teacher’s Association
Yoga Alliance


Some knowledge of Italian
Study of, but not proficiency in, Latin.

Intercultural Experience

Living in Rome and traveling around Europe for over three years.
Teaching Maritain’s Introduction to Philosophy at Notre Dame’s International High School in Rome, Italy
Working for one year at Loyola University of Chicago’s Rome Center, Rome, Italy
Travel around North and South Vietnam to experience the culture, philosophy, history, and land of my students.
Five week spiritual journey around Northern and Central India

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