Information Literacy

Information Literacy

According to the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), information literacy is a set of skills that enable individuals to recognize the need for information when it arises, to articulate the types and extent of information required to complete a specific task, and to efficiently discover, access, and evaluate sources of information and use them to solve real-world problems in a creative and ethical manner. As the American Library Association Presidential Committee on Information Literacy (January 10, 1989, Washington, D.C.) says “Ultimately, information literate people are those who have learned how to learn. They know how to learn because they know how knowledge is organized, how to find information, and how to use information in such a way that others can learn from them. They are people prepared for lifelong learning, because they can always find the information needed for any task or decision at hand.”

Information Literacy at Divine Word College
As the Divine Word College mission statement states: Divine Word College, a Roman Catholic seminary in the tradition of the Society of the Divine Word, educates men and women for missionary service as priests, Brothers, Sisters and laypersons. For this purpose, we offer an education that combines spiritual formation, a liberal arts curriculum, language learning and mission preparation within an environment that teaches and honors the rich cultural diversity of the world. This spiritual, academic, and experiential preparation serves the particular learning needs of our students, promotes their development as whole and responsible persons, and fosters a lifelong commitment to serving God’s people.

In regards to this mission, the Mathew Jacoby Library is also dedicated to educating the students of Divine Word College and to promoting lifelong learning. Because the duties of our students’ mission will change throughout the years, it is paramount that our students be able to adapt to these changes by being information literate. The Mathew Jacoby Library maintains a strong commitment to first-rate information literacy instruction as an essential component of successful student learning. By helping students become more confident users of information, the library aims to help students become knowledgeable members of a global society.

Why Information Literacy in your classroom?
Each Information Literacy class session is individually designed to teach students how to identify the need for, locate, evaluate, synthesize and effectively use information; and, how to use the library efficiently and independently. Helping students develop their information literacy skills in a practical classroom setting will allow them to continue to use these skills not only during their undergraduate years at Divine Word College but also on their mission, in their career, and for personal information needs.

The Information Literacy program involves the librarian providing instruction within a class; usually, but not always, centered on a specific research topic within that class. Almost all of the instruction is directly related to or integrated within the course. While some Information Literacy is attained through research help consultations within the library, orientation tours, and the core freshman class, student learning is greatly enhanced when Information Literacy goals are integrated into course assignments. The librarian will be happy to help you develop such assignments as well as work with individual classes or student groups.

Library instruction is usually held in your classroom. Instructions can last for as long as you require. We at the Mathew Jacoby Library are happy to help you develop sessions to incorporate into your class activities.


  • Schedule your session in advance to coincide with students beginning their research. Students may be more attentive when they have a direct need for the information.
  • Work with the librarian to customize your session. You and the library can collaborate to find the best research methods and resources available for your class.
  • Attend the session with your students. This shows your students the importance of the session and is helpful if a student needs clarification on the assignment. In addition, technology changes quickly and some of the changes being made at Divine Word College and in the library are recent.Attending the session with your students will help you remain current with new resources.

Please feel free to share any feedback and if you would like to schedule a session please contact the library and we will work with you.

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