Campus Directory

Rev. Kenneth Anich, SVD Psychology
Ms. Laura Bergfeld Housekeeping/Work Study
Rev. Jim Bergin, SVD Rector/Philosophy
Mr. Daniel Boice Library Director
Julie Breitbach Kitchen
Rev. Walter Bunofsky, SVD Spiritual Director
Mr. Jim Callahan Maintenance Supervisor
Ms. Mary Campbell Food Services Manager
Rev. Paul Chen, SVD Assistant Counselor/Formation
Dr. Roman Ciapalo Philosophy
Dr. Cathleen Cleary Biology
Dr. Ronald Condon Philosophy
Rev. Quy Ngoc Dang, SVD Vocation Director
Ms. Marilyn Dansart Spiritual Director
Rev. Sonny DeClass, SVD Formation
Ms. Marlene Decker Business Office Manager
Bro. Kevin Diederich, SVD Maintenance 
Dr. Bang Lang Do Music
Ms. Emily Embree ESL
Ms. Molly Evers Financial Aid Officer
Dr. Francis-Clare Fischer Speech/Writing
Mr. Brad Florence Director of Information Systems
Dr. Mark Garton Director of ESL
Dr. Joseph Hartel Philosophy/Chair
Ms. Amy Hartman Secretary - Development Office
Rev. James Heiar, SVD Spiritual Director
Ms. Jill Heitzman Music
Rev. Thang Cao Hoang, SVD Theology/Associate Dean of Students
Rev. Bob Jones, SVD Development
Dr. Mathew Kanjirathinkal Vice President for Academic Affairs
Ms. Peggy Kass Kitchen
Ms. Marlene Koopmann Kitchen
Bro. Anthony Kreinus, SVD Assistant Librarian
Mr. Rob Kundert PR Specialist
Rev. Paul LaForge, SVD  
Rev. Timothy Lenchak, SVD President
Ms. Kirsten Lillegard ESL
Rev. Adam MacDonald,  SVD Vocation Director
Rev. Trung Thang Mai, SVD Vocation Director 
Ms. Ann Maiers Bookkeeper/Accountant
Ms. Debby McDermott  Secretary-Dean of Students/Travel Coordinator 
Rev. Joseph McDermott, SVD  
Ms. Patti McDermott Secretary - Vocation Office
Ms Sandra Mueller Kitchen
Rev. Nick Hien Nguyen, SVD  Coordinator of Spiritual Direction/Formation
Rev. Joseph Chau Nguyen, SVD Vocation Director
Rev. Tam Nguyen, SVD Theology/Formation
Sr. Mary Oladimeji, RSM Formator-Lay Ministry
Mr. John Osweiler Maintenance
Mr. Mark Pasker Vice President for Finance
Ms. Nan Peck Counselor/Formation
Rev. Linh Duy Pham, SVD Associate Director for Development/Formation
Ms. Donna Puccio Secretary, President's Office
Ms Suzanne Reinhardt ESL
Dr. David Roberts Sociology/Political Science
Mr. Jeremy Rudd Art/Chair, Gen Ed.
Rev. Bill Shea, SVD   
Ms. Connie Simon Receptionist
Mr. Mark Singsank Associate Director for Development
Ms. Sharon Sinton ESL
Mr. Paul Stamm Instructional Support Specialist
Mr. Dennis Stecklein Math
Mr. Terry Sykora Vice President for Development
Rev. John Szukalski, SVD Theology
Ms. Marilyn Taft Kitchen
Dr. Marilyn Taylor English
Ms. Nancy Tigges Library Technical Assistant
Bro. Wayne Till, SVD Development Office Assistant
Rev. Cong Bang Tran, SVD VP for Formation/ Dean of Students
Mr. Hai Tran Development Office
Rev. Nhan Michael Tran, SVD Ministry Coordinator/Health Services/Formation
Sr. Theresa Marie Tran, SCC Spiritual Director
Bro. Vinh Trinh, SVD Maintenance
Mr. Larry Udry ESL
Mr. Len Uhal Vice President for Recruitment & Admissions
Ms. Phyllis Urbain Secretary - Development Office
Ms. Michelle Vargo ESL
Ms. Carolyn Waechter International Student Advisor/Student Health
Sr. Carol Welp, SSpS Spiritual Director/Formation
Sandy Wilgenbusch Public Relations Director
Ms. Karen Young Housekeeping
Dr. Jackson Zimmerman Social Science/Chair, Intercultural Studies
Dr. Peter Zografos Theology/Chair Religious Studies