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Dr. Joshua E. Young

Assistant Professor of Communication

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Dr. Josh Young was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. He completed Ph.D. work in North Dakota and previously taught in central Oklahoma. He has been awarded the Douglas Trank Top Paper Award from the Basic Course Division of the Central States Communication Association and currently serves as division chair for the American Studies Division of the National Communication Association. Dr. Young has diverse research interests, focusing on Native American rhetorical culture, assessment and the balance between democracy and neoliberalism in the introductory communication course, and theological perspectives of communication. Prior to coming to DWC, Dr. Young was the coach of a nationally competitive speech and debate team, served as president of the Oklahoma Forensics Association, and was chosen to host the 2020 Interstate Oratory Association National Tournament. Dr. Young enjoys the outdoors and serves as a chaplain in the Boy Scouts of America.


B.A. - Drake University (Rhetoric and Communication Studies)
M.A. – University of Northern Iowa (Communication Studies)
Ph.D. – University of North Dakota (Communication and Public Discourse)

Courses taught

Interpersonal Communication; Intercultural Communication; Public Speaking; Academic Writing; Public Witness Reflection Skills


Young, J. E. (2020). Book review: Kyle Conway’s the art of communication in a polarized world. Journal of Cultural Analysis and Social Change, (Forthcoming).

Young, J. E., & Potter, D. J. (2018). Complicating audience: A critical communication pedagogy commitment. Communication Teacher, 32(1), 42-47.

Young, J. E. (2016). Booms and busts: Haunting memories in the North Dakota oil boom. In W. Caraher & K. Conway (Eds.), The Bakken Goes Boom: Oil and the Changing Geographies of Western North Dakota (71-90). Grand Forks, ND: The Digital Press @ the University of North Dakota.

Young, J. E. (2013). Shifting frames: A Burkean analysis of the budget crisis at University of Northern Iowa. Iowa Journal of Communication, 45(2), 155-175.

Professional Affiliations

National Communication Association;
Central States Communication Association (life member);
Iowa Communication Association;
Oklahoma Speech, Theater, and Communication Association;
American Forensics Association;
Pi Kappa Delta; Lambda Pi Eta;
Oblate of St. Benedict- St. Gregory’s Abbey.

Intercultural Experience

I have traveled to Mexico and Canada and extensively around the United States. I previously taught at St. Gregory’s University which served a majority minority population and have worked to increase diverse representations of culture in my personal and professional life. My research in Native American culture has afforded me the opportunity to participate in powwow and spiritual rituals from diverse tribal perspectives. I have been advocating for an Indigenous Peoples Caucus within the National Communication Association.

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