Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

Degrees designed to help you understand our world and the people in it.

The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies (DIS) supervises the Core Curriculum and is responsible for the Intercultural Studies major, which is designed for missionaries to successfully live, work and pray with diverse people from other countries and cultures. The department awards the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Associate of Arts (AA) degrees in Intercultural Studies as well as an adaptable Associate of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.

The Core Curriculum is what makes DWC a liberal arts college. These courses introduce you to a wide range of knowledge, which will help you “connect the dots” as you continue your studies and help you develop into an informed citizen of the world in your future ministry. Among the forty-four credits required, you will find courses in the arts, communication, philosophy, math, sciences and the Bible.

The BA in Intercultural Studies includes the Core Curriculum plus 36 credits in Intercultural Studies—half are required courses for the degree and the other half are selected electives chosen to benefit you in your future ministry. 

The AA in Intercultural Studies includes the Core Curriculum classes plus 18 credits in Intercultural Studies, selected in consultation with the Department Chair to benefit you the most in your future ministry.

The AA in Interdisciplinary Studies includes the Core Curriculum plus additional classes in your specific area of interest, such as music or the sciences. In consultation with an advisor, you select 18 credits to complete the degree.

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