The Core Curriculum provides you with a basic foundation of diverse knowledge.


It sets the stage for a lifetime of learning as you pursuit your educational goals. It then continues providing benefits throughout your life, helping you to absorb and understand new knowledge as you address the challenges and opportunities of an ever-changing world.

The Core Curriculum is your springboard into higher education. It not only expands your knowledge of a wide range of topics but also helps you develop the basic study skills for you to succeed academically. This takes you beyond the concept of one-way communication from instructor to student; this educational experience is a partnership that fosters an exchange of knowledge and understanding, not only with your instructors, but also with your classmates.


This exchange of thoughts and ideas with those with different perspectives goes to the heart of the tradition of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD).

The forty-four credits required in the Core Curriculum introduce you to the major fields of human knowledge and study:



Natural Science
Bible Theology

At its heart, the Core Curriculum allows DWC to deliver on its mission, core values, and Institutional Learning Outcomes. In turn, it broadens your scope of understanding while presenting you with opportunities to gain valuable insights into yourself as you discern your path in life, in response to God’s call.


Core Competencies


Critical Thinking Acuity: Divine Word College graduates will have gained proficiency in the intellectual skills necessary to explore issues, ideas, artifacts, and events before making a decision, accepting or formulating an opinion, or reaching a conclusion.

Communication Effectiveness: Divine Word College graduates will have acquired effective written and oral communication skills to be able to express themselves appropriately while presenting to or interacting with widely diverse audiences.

Intercultural Competence: Divine Word College graduates will possess the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are necessary to interact effectively with people who are culturally different from themselves.

Social & Global Responsibility: Divine Word College graduates will be informed about the world’s most pressing issues, especially those affecting the poor and marginalized, applying knowledge and skills to develop solutions in accord with Catholic Social Teaching.

Missionary Discipleship: Divine Word College graduates will have gained the knowledge, skills, and attitudes for practicing prophetic dialogue in the tradition of SVD missionaries with the poor, the marginalized, faith-seekers, and persons of different cultures and faith-traditions.

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