A home away from home...

Many of our students go to Mass, eat, go to class, study, pray, exercise, relax, work, play basketball, swim, sleep and never leave the building! That is a big plus during cold Iowa winters and hot summers.

The main building for Divine Word College is a three-story structure plus a full lower level, and stretches the length of three football fields. It houses student dormitories and separate living quarters for Divine Word Missionaries. There is also the Main chapel, classrooms, Matthew Jacoby Library, study areas, dining room, student lounge, The Pour House, fitness room, and gymnasium as well as faculty, staff and administration offices.

Our student rooms are large, offering plenty of space for your bed, desk, closet and bookshelf. You and your roommate will have plenty of room to convert the space into your own home away from home.

Truth be told, not every student resides in our main building dormitories. This is a seminary, so our female students—the majority of whom are religious sisters—reside in nearby Megan Hall, located on campus just a short walk over our scenic bridge along a tree-lined path.

Meanwhile, those seminarians who are in their final year at the college live together in our Arkfeld House and participate in “Pre-Novitiate” formation. In this residence next to the campus, they more closely experience community life—living, praying, cooking, eating, and cleaning together as a group—to prepare them for their next step should they continue on to the Divine Word Novitiate at Techny, Illinois.

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