Going to college is a life-changing experience

Going to college is a life-changing experience. It might be the first time you are away from those who have always been there for you—your family back home. You will find that the Divine Word College community—faculty, staff, students and SVDs—will become your family here. As disciples of Our Lord Jesus, we willingly offer kindness, compassion and support as you take these next steps on your spiritual and academic journey. For example, here are some of the services that focus on you during your time at DWC.

  • Health and Medical:  If you get a cold, touch of the flu or sprain an ankle, you head to the office of our Health Services Coordinator where our on-campus nurse will treat you. That goes for any illness or injury and if you need additional care, we will get you to a physician, dentist or other specialist who will work to get you healthy. 

  • Counseling: In life, changes often come with challenges, so our college counselor is here to help if the going gets a little tough. In confidence, you can talk to our counselor and in confidence they will offer insight, advice and…well…counseling. The counselor often begins from a point of empathy, works with you toward a point of understanding and helps you adjust and grow as a person, and it is always confidential.

  • Tutoring: We are all about your success as a person, student and, hopefully, a future member of the Society of the Divine Word. If your studies get difficult, we offer tutoring by a fellow student—someone who has been there. Sometimes it is help with writing, math or philosophy. Sometimes it is showing you how to better manage your time or prepare for tests. Everyone needs help sometimes. We will be there for you when it is your turn.

  • Activities: There is much to life outside the classroom and away from your formation group. From taking part in student government and DWC’s cultural/ethnic organizations to ministry outreach among area elderly and impoverished—there are things to do that are not only engaging and fun, but help you grow as a person. 

  • Athletics: Since its earliest days, sports and recreation have been an important part of SVD seminary life. For organized intramural team sports, DWC offers soccer, basketball and volleyball. There are outdoor courts for tennis and a diamond for softball as well as sidewalks and trails for walking and running on and off campus. The college also sports a well-equipped weight and fitness room.

  • FAN Club: Short for “Friends Across Nations,” the Divine Word College FAN Club matches international students with area families in one of the best “win-win” situations anywhere. Our students learn about family life in the U.S. and the family members learn about other cultures. A rewarding experience for all as the students and families get together during college events and on their own, just to enjoy and learn from each other. 

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