What's the difference?

What’s the difference if a single mother and her child, living off the scraps of others in a remote village in Paraguay, never hear the Word of God or experience the Christian compassion of someone willing to help?

What’s the difference if children run the streets of inner-city Chicago without knowing the love of Jesus and the chance for a better life?

What’s the difference if a young man like Roger Kyaw Thu has the hunger to bring the Light of Our Lord into their lives, but lacks the opportunity to answer God’s call to the life of a Catholic missionary?

What’s the difference?

You … through your prayers and financial support.


In 1875, Saint Arnold Janssen founded his international missionary order, the Society of the Divine Word (SVD), to spread the Word of God in countries around the world. Today, nearly 6000 Divine Word Missionaries touch the lives of the poorest of God’s children in more than 80 countries. Many of these missionaries attended Divine Word College, which every year attracts students from 20 countries and sometimes more. Year in and year out, in good times and bad, the SVD and Divine Word College have carried out God’s mission to serve his people because of faith-filled people like you.


What’s the difference?


You are the difference.

Roger’s Story


Roger Kyaw Thu wants to give back to others because of his good fortune.


Growing up on a farm in rural Myanmar, his parents’ supported their family on the rice, corn, garlic and vegetables they grew. He once dreamed of becoming a doctor but inspired by his parish priest, he entered a minor seminary to study for the priesthood and later attended college. Excelling in his studies, and thanks to benefactors like you, he was offered a scholarship to attend Divine Word College. Graduating in May 2018, he has professed first vows and is currently a student at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago and is continuing his formation in the Theologate Program.


“From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say a million thanks to you for your faithful support for the Divine Word College,” he wrote in a recent article. “Thanks to your sacrifices and dedication to the college and its mission, you have enriched my life.”

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