Sisters are welcome here!

Religious sisters are welcomed at Divine Word College to benefit from its educational and missionary education opportunities.

Sisters in both perpetual and temporary vows need to be actively involved in the faith life of the college and fully participate in our rich, multi-cultural community. While all sisters are also expected to commit to the spiritual and formational aspects of the college, only sisters in temporary vows take part in the Formation Program for Women Religious.

Overall, the formation program at Divine Word College contains five key facets:

  • Human Formation emphasizes physical, psychological and emotional health, and delves into issues such as sexuality and celibacy. As you learn about and accept yourself as a creature of God, it helps to strengthen and improve the way you relate to others.
  • Spiritual Formation opens the door to a deeper relationship with Jesus. It helps you discern your call to religious life as you grow in faith and discover the joy and power of personal and community prayer.
  • Intellectual Formation focuses on learning. The College’s educational programs prepare you for future missionary ministry, while developing in you a commitment to ongoing education.
  • Intercultural Community Formation develops respect and appreciation for other cultures. By interacting with others and being involved in the college community, you gain invaluable insight and understanding of people from around the world.
  • Ministry Formation introduces you to fundamental aspects of ministry to those in need. By connecting with others outside the college community, this act of charity creates a wonderful opportunity to gain a sense of what it means to be missionary.




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