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The first time I visited Divine Word College I was looking for something. I had this idea that somehow God wanted me to put my arms around the whole world and love everyone in it. Out in front of the college I saw flags from many nations flying in the breeze. Then when I walked down the main hallway, I was deeply impressed by the display cases full of objects from all over the world. That was 1968, and I was a very young man of fourteen. Four years later I entered Divine Word College as a new student, and it felt like I was “at home.”

Different, yes. . .but still the same

Lots of things have changed since those early years at the college, but some things endure. For instance, DWC can help you learn to love neighbors from far and near. Life at Divine Word College is an amazing space for intercultural encounter that goes far beyond flags and display cases. Students, faculty and staff from across the United States and from around the world gather into one community of learning. Here, men and women from east and west, from north and south, build enduring friendships that knit the world into a whole.

That's a young Fr. Tom on the right with his father, grandfather and brother

DWC can also help you learn to love God deeply.

Through prayer, community service and ministry to people in need, one gets closer to God. The academic program helps students understand what is happening to them and to the world as they respond to God’s word. Many feel affirmed in a call to serve as missionary priests, brothers and sisters. Others hear God calling them to give their hearts away to a spouse and children; forming families that have their hearts open to the poor, to strangers and immigrants, to those who want to know God.

Fr. Tom Ascheman, SVD

You are most welcome here.

It’s a wonderful place to learn to listen for God’s Divine Word and to respond.

We will help you.

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