Dr. Yasmin Rioux

Dr. Yasmin Rioux

Assistant Professor of Communication; Student Resource Center Coordinator; Academic Advising Coordinator

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I was born in Augsburg, Germany, and lived in Bavaria for the first 18 years of my life before moving to the US (Iowa) for college.

During these college years, I also lived in Maastricht, the Netherlands, where I studied WW2 poetry, children's literature, and intercultural communication. Upon my return to the US, I moved to Monterey, Calif., to study TESOL for a year. When I returned in Iowa, I gained my MA in Communication, and eventually my PhD in English - Composition and TESOL from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I now live in Dubuque with family.

Whenever I find some time, I enjoy paddle boarding on the Mississippi, running, playing tennis, hiking, traveling, and exploring the natural surroundings that comprise the local areas and various other regions.


BA - English and Communication; University of Dubuque

MA – Communication; University of Dubuque

PhD - English - Composition and TESOL; Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Courses taught

Interpersonal Communication; Public Speaking; Intercultural Communication; Academic Writing (Spring 2018)

Research Interests

Ecocomposition; Multimodal and multigenre writing; Environmental and Nature Writing; Multilingual writers/speakers; Multilingualism and Writing Centers/Tutors; Interdisciplinary Approaches to Intercultural Communication


Rioux, Y. (2017). Native American Rhetoric and Ecocomposition: Exploring Sustainable Ideologies.

Working Papers in Composition & TESOL, Spring.

Rioux, Y. (2016). Zweisprachig. Zweiköpfig. Writing on Edge, 27 (1), 55-67.

Rioux, Y. (2016). A Love Note to Iowa: Multigenre Writing in the Place-Based Ecocomposition Classroom. Writing on Edge, 26 (2), 34-51.

Rioux, Y. (2016) Combining Places – Teaching Ecocomposition in the Multilingual Classroom. Wisconsin Journal of English, 58 (1), 12-19.

Rioux, Y. (2016). What’s All the Yakkin’ About? Using Critical Discourse Analysis to understand the implications of Yik Yak.

Working Papers in Composition & TESOL, Spring.

Professional Affiliations



German, English

Intercultural Experience

Having moved to the US was an intercultural experience for me, as I had lived in Germany for the first eighteen years of my life! Also, having lived in the Netherlands gave me an interesting insight into life in a diverse setting and encouraged me to study Dutch. I've also traveled extensively. Some of my favorite spots have been France, Italy, Ireland, England, France, Turkey, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. I'm also fond of various places here in the US. The Southwest, West Coast, and New England are some of my favorite regions. I am also very blessed to be surrounded by individuals from all over the world here at DWC. Teaching in such a diverse setting and interacting with faculty and students has been one of the most enriching, exciting, and fulfilling intercultural experiences yet!

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