Counseling Center


  • Individual Counseling
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Alcohol and Substance Use Assessment
  • Career/Vocational Assessments
  • Referral for Psychological Testing
  • Referrals for Disability Testing
  • Intellectual Testing Referrals
  • Educational Presentations in Classroom
  • Topical Presentations to Formation Groups
  • Group Counseling
  • Consultation with Faculty or Staff


We strive to offer services to students, faculty and staff to help support the mission and goals of the college as well as to help the individual students to grow in the five facets of the religious formation program.


Human Formation  

  • Assist students to grow and mature in the understanding of self-knowledge and self-acceptance
  • Promote good physical and psychological health which includes healthy relationships, sexuality and celibacy issues
  • Provide skills which will help the student to grow in their interpersonal relationships. For example: Eating healthy, Getting enough sleep, Healthy Sexuality, How to live a celibate life, Sexual orientation, Importance of exercise, Understanding your strength and weaknesses, Goal setting, Leadership skills, How to deal with conflict, Boundaries issues, Addiction Issues, etc.

Intellectual Formation

  • Provide skills which will help students grow intellectually. For example: time management, note taking, developing a positive attitude towards learning, techniques for effective study, how to adjust to college life, developing skills for life-long learning, being a good test taker, how to write a good paper, overcoming anxiety for public speaking, etc.

Intercultural Formation

  • Provide a variety of knowledge about cultures at DWC
  • Assist students to develop a deeper level of respect for others, understanding of the differences in cultures especially the American culture, how to adjust to a new culture, how to deal with homesickness, understanding of bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, slavery and other topics which effect all cultures, how to respect women, how to deal with conflict with someone from another culture, good communication skills, how to deal with aggressive people, etc.

Spiritual Formation

  • Assist students to grow in this dimension by providing pastoral counseling, helping them utilize their faith as their strength to overcome their difficulties and deal with their struggles.

Missionary Ministry 

  • Assist students with boundary issues, lack of motivation, any unawareness of their gifts or talents or other issues which may surface during their time at DWC.

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