Looking for a more advanced study outside of our other degree programs?

If you are looking for a basic liberal arts education that can open the door for more advanced study in a particular area outside of our other degree programs, Divine Word College offers you the Associate’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS). 

This degree recognizes that ministry in the Society of the Divine Word can come in many different forms. This reality opens opportunities for you to respond to God’s call to ministry by using your talents, skills and interests. Perhaps God has granted you gifts for music, graphic arts, IT, medicine, education, business—the list is as long as are the needs of our missionary order and the people it serves all over the world. 

This flexible undergraduate degree builds upon a foundation of the world’s knowledge found in the Core Curriculum, and fortifies it with additional courses in the area of interest that will help you respond to God’s call to ministry. 

The Core Curriculum introduces you to subjects in communication, the humanities, sciences, math and theology, which establishes a foundation for your future academic success while supporting the College’s mission, core values, and Institutional Learning Outcomes.

With your long-term plans in mind, and the approval of the Department Chair, additional courses in any of those subject areas are selected to fulfill the requirements of the degree and prepare you for a successful and fulfilling ministry. 

Requirements for the Associate’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies involve 18 credit hours of study:


  • Additional Chair-approved Courses - 18 credit hours


Program Learning Outcomes

  • Articulate the philosophical views, theories, and methods contained in the primary works of historically important philosophers.
  • Articulate the fundamental doctrines, traditions, and scriptural interpretations of the Church.
  • Identify and explore multiple forms of cultural expression in order to explain how they reflect the values and ideas of their time and space.

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