Main Library

The main library houses over 73,000 items including fiction books, non-fiction books, language resource books, reference books, maps, CDs, DVDs, and audiobooks. The main floor of the library has communal study areas, lounge areas, and individual study desks. main library.jpg

Periodical Room

The periodical room houses about 200 periodicals and current newspapers. The room also has two communal study desks. periodical-room.jpg


Online Resources

The library offers card holders access to various online resources

The eCatalog is the library’s online catalog search platform that enables you to find books and other material available at a library. To create an account, contact the library to receive a username and password.

EBSCOhost: is an online research platform. Divine Word College has access to 25 databases through EBSCOhost.

Academic Search Complete is a comprehensive scholarly, multi-disciplinary full-text database that provides more than 8,500 full-text periodicals, including more than 7,300 peer-reviewed journals.

Philosophers Index with Full Text contains research published since 1940 including over 680 journals from more than 50 countries with content representing a variety of languages.

MasterFILE Premier is a multidisciplinary database that provides full text for nearly 1,700 periodicals with full-text information dating as far back as 1975.

To learn more, check out our Guide to EBSCOhost. A comprehensive index to many hundreds of magazines, newspapers and other resources. Includes images of actual documents.

Gale Reference is an online research platform. Divine Word College has access to 42 Gale Titles.

Academic Onefile is a complete source for peer-reviewed scholarly articles across all academic disciplines. It contains over 9,000 full text titles.

Gale OneFile: Religion and Philosophy covers topics of philosophies and religions in one comprehensive collection. It contains 240 full text titles.

Gale OneFile: Psychology supports research in all fields of psychology: abnormal, biological, cognitive, comparative, developmental, personality, quantitative, social, and all areas of applied psychology. It contains 549 full-text titles.

To learn more, check out our Guide to Gale.

WorldCat: is an online library catalog that lets you look up books, dissertations, microform, journals and multimedia items in libraries around the world. Use WorldCat:

  • When you know the title of the book you want, but you don't know which libraries have it.
  • You want to know what books and other information sources exist on your topic, not just the ones that are available in one library.
  • You need more information about a book or other information source (like its full list of authors, its publisher, etc.)A worldwide catalog listing over 274 million books, periodicals, films, CDs, maps and other items in 485 languages held by more than 71,000 libraries around the globe.

Mángo: is an online language learning resource. Mángo prepares learners for realistic conversations and strengthens everyday communication skills in over 70 world languages, including English. Mángo prepares learners for realistic conversations and strengthens everyday communication skills in over 70 world languages, including English.

Transparent Languages: is an online language learning resource. It features a comprehensive Core Skill-Building Activities program that focuses on listening, speaking, reading, and writing as well as Practice Activities that allow you to practice listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills with learning material from any lesson using over a dozen challenging activities.Radically better language learning, in one complete experience.

Credo Reference: is a database of full text online encyclopedias, dictionaries and reference books covering all subject areas. Get definitions, illustrations, pronunciations and other useful information from this collection of hundreds of subject encyclopedias and dictionaries.

Britannica Online: is a website with more than 120,000 encyclopedia articles and is updated regularly. It has daily features, updates, and links to news reports from The New York Times and the BBC.

The State Library of Iowa offers a number of online services and resources to all users and additional resources to state library cardholders. Anyone who lives in Iowa may apply for a State Library Card.


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