Applying to Divine Word College

If you're interested in applying to Divine Word College, click here to contact our Vocation Office. One of our Vocation Directors will contact you and stay in touch to answer questions and guide you through your admissions process. He can visit you at home and will invite you for an on-campus visit. Working with a vocation director will help you decide if applying to Divine Word College is the next step in your vocational journey.

For further information on admission criteria, specific forms and documents necessary for application, please click here to view our college catalog.

Mr. Len Uhal
National Vocation Director

Fr. Quang Duc Dinh, SVD
Associate Program Director

Fr. Trung Mai, SVD
Vocation Director, Western Region

Fr. Joseph Chau Nguyen, SVD
Vocation Director - Central Region

Fr. Quy Ngoc Dang, SVD
Vocation Director, Eastern Region

Fr. Adam MacDonald, SVD
Vocation Director, Eastern and Central Regions