Lunar New Year Raffle Winners!

We have just bidden farewell to another wonderful intercultural celebration of the Lunar New Year 2021, whose success was accompanied by the drawings of the following winning Raffle tickets:  

First prize $5,000

Mrs. Sandy Jenkins, Dubuque, IA
Two second prizes $1,000 Mrs. Tuyen Kim La, Canoga Park, CA
  Mr. Thang Nguyen, Shakopee, MN
Four third prizes $500 Mrs. Joyce Scherner, Dubuque, IA
  Mr. John Dorman, Dyer, IN
  Mr. Bich Ngoc Do, Falls Church,VA
  Mr. Hung Van Pham, Sunrise, FL


 We are grateful for your continued support for the mission of our college, which has been evident not only through your participation in the Lunar New Year Raffle of 2021, but has also been sustained by other gifts drawn from your limited means. 

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