Daily Mass

Beginning September 7, 2021, fully vaccinated individuals are welcome to attend 8 AM daily Mass (Monday - Saturday). Sunday Mass is not open to the public at this time.

Attendees must wear a mask while in the building.


Divine Word College, in coordination with state and local public health experts, is closely monitoring reports and recommendations from national and regional health departments regarding COVID-19.

January 3, 2022

 As we begin the January semester....
TESTING – During the first "orientation" week, January 3-8, all members of the DWC community (students, faculty, staff, SVD residents) should:

Tests can be arranged with Br. Mike or at local pharmacies, etc.

ISOLATION – If you test positive, a minimum of five days of isolation are required.

FACEMASKS – are required for everyone until at least January 15.

DINING ROOM – The following guidelines are in effect unit at least January 15.




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