The study of Theology is not only academic—it is a faith experience

The Theology & Mission program at Divine Word College challenges you to develop intellectually while preparing you for ministry, but it is also one of personal faith formation. It combines academic knowledge with critical thinking and spiritual development, which ultimately will help you connect traditional Church teachings with modern-day issues you will face in ministry.  Its methodical and systematic approach will help you to better understand your faith and to share that knowledge and awareness with others.
To prepare students for missionary ministry in intercultural and international settings, the Theology & Mission curriculum is influenced by the spirituality and approach to mission of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD), one of the largest missionary orders in the Catholic Church. It does this not only academically, but through faith formation in an intercultural community, which will help you learn about and experience the richness of other cultures, combined with ministry outreach and theological reflection.

B.A. in Theology & Mission – Total 36 Credit Hours

  • Requirements, 24 credit hours in subjects ranging from prayer to pastoral care, and from Catholic social teaching to missiology.
  • Electives, 12 credit hours selected from a list of subjects ranging from spirituality to Church history and pastoral counseling.


A.A. in Theology & Mission – Total 18 Credit Hours

  • Requirements, 12 credit hours in courses, in subjects that range from prayer to ethics to missiology.
  • Electives, 6 credit hours selected from a list of subjects, such as those related to sacred scripture to interreligious dialogue.


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