Who needs medical insurance, right?

Well…actually…you do.

Every on campus student at Divine Word College Seminary needs to have medical insurance coverage. Your medical needs might be covered by your family’s plan, by a personal policy, or coverage through your religious community. If not, the college provides medical insurance and the cost of the premium becomes part of your Financial Aid Package, which is included in your Cost of Attendance, along with tuition, room, board, travel and other education expenses.

  • If you are from the U.S., you can be covered by your family’s medical insurance until you are 26. It is always good to find out about your family’s plan and make sure it will cover your doctor or other medical bills in a different location, like here in Epworth, Iowa.
  • Be aware that if you have a plan through your state, such as Medicaid, it may not cover you in another state.
  • If you have coverage through the Affordable Care Act and the premium is less than the cost of the college’s plan, the premium could be included in your Cost of Attendance.
  • Beyond that, you need your own private insurance plan or to be part of the college plan.
  • Some religious communities provide coverage for students they send here; otherwise, similar to our international students, arrangements are made through the college.

Issues related to your medical insurance coverage will be discussed through the application process. In fact, students who attend a Come-and-See visit learn about insurance and many other details while they are here. So, yes, you do need medical insurance, but if you do your part by finding out what you currently have for medical insurance before you arrive, together we’ll do everything we can to make sure your health is protected.



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